All About Antwan

Antwan Eady is a proud Clemson University alumnus from Garnett, South Carolina. While attending Clemson University, he was published in Semantics, the campus’s literary and art magazine, where he was known for his poetry. Now a resident of Savannah, Georgia, Antwan has served as a contributing writer for Do Savannah, a standalone and insert alt-weekly entertainment and arts section of Savannah Morning News, before taking the leap to pursue publication of his own works. As the youngest child of six and the first in his family to graduate from college, he’s spent many years helping others do the same through his work with organizations such as the Emerging Scholars Program.

The Emerging Scholars Program at Clemson University aims to establish a college-going culture among students in families from the state’s economically disadvantaged areas. This program focuses on students from South Carolina’s I-95 Corridor which, unfortunately, has been named the Corridor of Shame. This is also where Antwan was born and raised.


Antwan has also spent many years volunteering with nonprofits while also working in animal medicine. In 2008, he was initiated into the Pi Alpha chapter Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.


As an author, Antwan believes children should have literature, and access to them, as resources to inspire them, to save them, and to change their lives because that’s what books have done for me. He writes with the intention of occupying a space within literature where the underrepresented (especially people of color, LGBTQIA+ individuals and other marginalized groups) may see themselves as the main character - where he’s able to go beyond diversity and welcome inclusivity.


Antwan is the author of NIGEL AND THE MOON as well as upcoming titles such as MICAH'S RISE, THE LAST STAND, and THE GATHERING TABLE.  


When he isn’t writing, he’s searching for the best Lowcountry boil in the south. 

Antwan is represented by Steven Malk of Writers House.

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