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Out Now!


From debut author Antwan Eady and artist Gracey Zhang comes a glowing tale about the young dreaming big. A perfect story to demonstrate how pride in where we come from can bring a shining confidence.

When Nigel looks up at the moon, his future is bright. He imagines himself as…an astronaut, a dancer, a superhero, too!

Among the stars, he twirls. With pride, his chest swells. And his eyes, they glow. Nigel is the most brilliant body in the sky.

But it’s Career Week at school, and Nigel can’t find the courage to share his dreams. It’s easy to whisper them to the moon, but not to his classmates—especially when he already feels out of place. 

Coming Soon!




As an author, Antwan believes children should have literature, and access to them, as resources to inspire them, to save them, and to change their lives because that’s what books have done for me. He writes with the intention of occupying a space within literature where the underrepresented (especially people of color, LGBTQIA+ individuals and other marginalized groups) may see themselves as the main character - where he’s able to go beyond diversity and welcome inclusivity.

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